About Me

I am a VFX Artist, specialized in FX, having a background in mechanical / calculational engineering. After a few years working as a mechanical engineer i decided to pivot my focus entirely on VFX to combine technical skills in a more creative way and to produce compelling images and animations. My VFX journey started with different DCC packages like Maya (modeling, animation, etc...) to get a broad knowledge about different disciplines before I fully switched over to FX, where Houdini is now my main working environment for almost every kind of task. I love creating beautiful images, doing R&D and working with nice team mates.

Have a great day!


Demo Projects

River Walk (Houdini / Arnold)

Wastelander / First Shot (Houdini / Arnold)

CG Lounge

CH11: Gingerbread House (Houdini / Arnold)

Download Project Files:

Houdini Tools

Arnold LookDev Tool - ACES CG


Place lookdev_aces_cg.hdalc in houdinixx.x/otls-folderPlace resource folder LookDev_ACESCG_data-folder in any folder you likeRefer to the resource folder under Resources tab via user interface of the tool

ACES WorkflowDifferent template objectsSwitch to objects on disk or in HIP-file, objects will be placed at orginTurntable animation for objectsInternal turntable camera, automatic aim depending on object size, cam pos adjustableSwitch between internal and external camera (connect any cam with input), focal length & aperture recognized for proper MacBeth Chart placementDifferent HDRIsTurntable animation for HDRIsDifferent backdrop options / styles, scale of backdrop adjustable, grid texture and turntable plate automatically resizedMacBeth charts and spheres automatically placed in front of internal or external cameraInfluence of backdrops on MacBeth chart and spheresArnold render node

Student Work Term 4

Dynamics 400 Assignment: Fire (Houdini / Arnold)

Student Work Term 3

Endterm 300 Project (Houdini / Arnold):

Organic Modeling 300 (ZBrush):

Lighting 300 / Car Paint (Maya / Arnold)

Midterm 300 Project (Houdini / Maya / Substance Painter):
RBD simulation & asset modeling / texturing

Lighting Assignment (MAYA / Vray):
Emily in the movies!

Dynamics Assignment (Houdini / Maya):

Student Work Term 2

Endterm 200 Project
Subject: Create a rendered turntable and detail shot in a video of a realistic hard surface object.

Midterm 200 Project
Subject: Create a textured set with an animation.

Animation assignment (MAYA):
Life Plate Integration

Animation assignment (MAYA):
Walk Cycles

Texturing assignment (Substance Painter):
Sci Fi Panel

Texturing assignment (Substance Painter):
Tank Girl

Texturing assignment (Substance Painter):
The Room

Texturing assignment (Substance Painter):
Meet Mat

Lighting assignment (MAYA / Vray):
Studio Harcourt

Lighting assignment (MAYA / Vray):
Film Noir

Lighting assignment (MAYA / Vray):
Lighting for mood

Student Work Term 1

Endterm 100 Project
Subject: Playblast of an animation in an exterior environment using the hobo rig

Modeling assignment (MAYA)
Subject: Electronic device

Modeling assignment (MAYA)
Subject: Robot (In Work)

Modeling assignment (MAYA)
Subject: Musical instrument (In Work)

Third MAYA assignment (MAYA / Arnold)
Subject: Exterior

Second MAYA assignment (MAYA / Arnold)
Subject: Interior

First MAYA assignment (MAYA / Arnold)
Subject: Fantasy House

Pre-Student Work

First tries in digital painting.

A video of a scene I made in C4D. First try of rendering a scene with Octane.